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Woman doctor consults with young woman patient

On the popular medical TV drama House, M.D., the more mysterious and puzzling the presentation of the patient, the more likely a diagnosis of lupus would be considered. So much so that there are still T-shirts for sale on Amazon bearing the face of Dr. House, accompanied by the catchphrase, “It is NOT lupus.” Unfortunately Read More

EDITORS’ NOTE: The following post first appeared in The Conversation. “Mr. and Mrs. Smith, we finally have an answer for you.” The couple, whose real names we are protecting for privacy, looked at me anxiously. I had been evaluating their young daughter, Sally, in my role as a medical geneticist at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore in Read More

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EDITORS’ NOTE: This post first appeared in Bronx Voice. “Nothing about us, without us.” In Spanish we would say, “Nada sobre nosotros, sin nosotros.” No matter the language, the meaning of this powerful statement remains the same. Originating centuries ago, and later recognized as the mantra of the disability rights movement, it speaks to the core premise that Read More

EDITORS’ NOTE: For Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, Einstein’s director of multimedia communications, Sunita Reed, spoke with Srilakshmi Raj, Ph.D., assistant professor of genetics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and a member of the NCI-designated Albert Einstein Cancer Center to discuss the study of population genetics and how it may improve colorectal cancer prevention and Read More

EDITORS’ NOTE: Last month, Paul Farmer, M.D., an anthropologist and co-founder of the nonprofit health organization Partners in Health (PIH), died while in Rwanda. Among the Harvard professor’s many achievements was the creation of hospitals in Haiti and Rwanda. He visited Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 2009 and was the keynote speaker at our Read More

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The most extraordinary morning of my life took place because of a young stranger in a green track suit and a catchy ’80s rock hit. As I was preparing for an extra shift at the Montefiore urgent care center, where I work in the Bronx, my day started with my usual hustle: squeezing in the Read More